State Law Makers Want Feds to Use New Formula for FEMA Calculations

State Law Makers Want Feds to Use New Formula for FEMA Calculations


It’s no question the weather’s been brutal for some communities, including Washington, Ill., a town of 15,000 in the central part of the state. When a tornado last November three people died and more than a thousand homes were damaged.

Displaced residents recently filled the pews at a local church for a town meeting. Some wore t-shirts with the slogan “Washington Strong.” Linda and…

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This is what they denied. This what FEMA came in and said was not damaged enough. Look, see for yourself. The photos don’t come close to describing what this looks like up close and personal. This is what they denied. How? Why? Which town is next?

You cannot look at these photos without your heart breaking. November 17th was just another day till it wasn’t. When a petition on baseball can get 100,000 signatures yet ours stops…..well…I just don’t know anymore. I don’t know how it’s possible. PLEASE SIGN!  We still have time but it’s running out. I will be creating another one and another one after that till we get the signatures. It’s to important to give up on.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words…. This is what they denied. This what FEMA came in and said was not damaged enough. Look, see for yourself.

Our voices mean nothing if they stay silent. If we choose to play ostrich and pretend it can’t… http://wp.me/s4qZox-69

I am putting out a plea to anyone who reads this.  I have 2 weeks and 5 days left. That’s it. 2 weeks and 5 days to reach over 90,000 signatures on this petition. I come to you humbled and ask you to read this letter. Really think about what I am saying.

Today marks the 4th month since the town I live in and 8 other towns where changed forever. Time will always be marked now in our lives as…

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FEMA Threshold 101

Sign the petition here

Below you will find links to a few articles that explain the threshold process and how FEMA calculates aid. If you live in a state with a highly populated city (like we do with Chicago) then your chances of getting FEMA aid decrease unless you are that highly populated city.  For example, if the sameF4 Tornado had done the damage in Chicago that it had done in Washington;…

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This article written by Mark Brown on March 11th helps to put into perspective why the FEMA calculation does not work. This was his explanation not only of what happened here in Washington, but what happened in Cook County during floods last April. The original article can be found here: FEMA DISASTER ASSISTANCE FORMULA

Below is an excerpt:

While FEMA insists there is no set formula for…

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FEMA 101 - PART 1 →

I am working a series of pieces that explains FEMA in layman’s terms and what has happened here in our State. Please feel free to take a look and share it. As of this evening we have 1,532 signatures on the petition. The way we will get the 100,00 is by helping people realize that what happened here, can happen there as well.

FEMA 101 - PART 1

FEMA 101 – PART 1

Ok so you’ve stumbled onto my site and wondered what the big deal is. Why not just let our state dole out the money and be done with it. Why the fuss?

Well it’s simple. What happened here in IL can happen in any state during any disaster. I too have been guilty of the “well it didn’t happen here” mentality, brushing off issues that quite frankly I felt had nothing to do with me.

It wasn’t until…

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Viral Letter to President Obama

Viral Letter to President Obama

This was the letter I wrote that got me started down this path of trying to draw attention to what has happened in our town. I wrote it out of a place of frustration because of what I was seeing happening around me. The reality is, IF Obama had wanted to create an executive order, he could have. We could have received the assistance. I know he is not 100% responsible but when I wrote I thought if…

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"This isn’t just a Washington, IL issue. It’s an American issue. It is only when we are willing to… http://wp.me/s4qZox-19

CNN Ireport

Washington, IL mother Rebecca Richardson wrote a letter last week directed at President Obama. It quickly went viral. As a response to this letter, she created a petition on White House.gov asking the President to look at FEMA reform and it’s outdated policies on how aid is distributed.

According to Richardson “Our town is only one town among many who are being subjected to outdated…

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BILL H.R.3925 — Fairness in Federal Disaster Declarations Act of 2014 (Introduced in House - IH)

BILL H.R.3925 — Fairness in Federal Disaster Declarations Act of 2014 (Introduced in House – IH)

This is the bill currently being proposed by our IL representatives in an effort to update the formula’s currently used by FEMA. Their outdated system of formulation has a bias towards rural communities that happen to be in states with dense populations like we are with Chicago. It unfairly allows townships like ours to be overlooked and not receive the assistance that is needed.

113th CONGRESS2d…

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WEEK 25 New Story

WEEK 25 New Story

You can view the video of this news story here

Updated Mar 7, 2014 at 9:56 PM CDT

WASHINGTON, Ill. — Earlier this week FEMA denied a request that would have reimbursed Washington and other city governments for tornado clean up costs. One Washington Resident is not giving up hope. She’s fighting to put this issue in the president’s hands.

“Dear Mr. President, on November 17th, 2013–in your home…

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